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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Long, Long Overdue Post

Finally, I got to sit down and write this post, which I have to admit, has been long overdue. Actually, I was planning to write earlier, but time has flown by these past months at an alarming rate, that I haven't had time to stop and think about my future much. To summarise what has happened, after I received the INSEAD decision, I also received some other good news - i.e. that my wife and I are expecting our first baby. Thus our decision to defer to the January intake and amidst a hectic trip to Japan, we finally received approval for the deferral. Next, work became more hectic, as there were a lot of changes happenning at the office and also new projects beginning around the same time. Once that settled down a bit, my pace actually picked up with the World Cup 2006 starting, meaning many many sleepless nights. Overall, the tournament was great in my books, except for the Final, as I supported France (due to INSEAD connection, and also because of Henry). Finally, had my family back from Australia, so had a lot of catching up and family get togethers.

Now that they've gone back to Perth, life has slowed down a bit, and I am beginning to plan for the next phase of my life. My son (yes, we confirmed it at the last Ultrasound scan!!) hopefully will be joining us sometime in November. I will quit work (officially) either end of October or Mid November, and will have about a month and a half to pack and move, and learn how to be a daddy. I'll probably head over to Fonty either end of December or early January (actually haven't thought about this much as the original plan was that I'll be starting in August), which I hear will be very cold . I will therefore go first alone, and sort out all things including accomodation, before my wife and son will join me sometime mid or end of January.

Just thinking about all this makes my head spin, with so much to do before I go. I should really have a plan and checklist going, but i'm too much of a procrastinator to do so. One thing I do know that I have to sort out is the accomodation, and with the baby around (along with visiting Grandparents and Uncles/Aunty), I think we'll be looking for at least a 2 room appartment/house to stay in whilst there. This means additional cost, and therefore a disruption to my initial budget. I'm thinking of supplementing my original budget with a loan, so that again adds to the checklist.

Another important matter to sort out shortly is to have my Deutsche exams at the Goethe Institute to satisfy my 3rd Language requirements. I studied German for 5 years during high school but right now it's very rusty, so I probably have to take a refresher course before I take the exam. My dilemma is now whether to take the exam before baby comes, or after (where I presume I'll have more time to study - but i've been told to expect a lot of sleepless nights). Right now I'm trying to push for end of October exam.

One thing I find very fitting and amusing is that the change in my life, is occurring simultaneously with the change at Arsenal Football Club. They too will be moving to a new home (first game is this Saturday), and hopefully exciting times await all of us. I already plan to share stories with my little boy about watching the legendary "Dennis Bergkamp" (who is retiring and having his testimonial match this weekend), and hope success will continue into the new era in the brand spankingly new Emirates Stadium.

Oh yeah, and a return to the red and white jerseys will be very welcome in my books. I promise to update again soon. Cheers.