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Monday, March 27, 2006

It has finally sunk in

Whew.......It's been a whirlwind past few weeks, and I have to admit that the last weekend was a lazy resting session which was very very welcome. I got back from a week of travelling and had time to reflect on what has happened this past two weeks. I've finally logged into the INSEAD accepted students net domain thingy and gone through all the preliminaries. I also had to arrange for the funds to be ready for the deposit which is due on the 7th (they don't give you much time do they?.. not that I'm thinking otherwise but it does take time to organise these international transfers). I've also looked at the third language requirement in their language policy and I just realized that the standard required for the exit language is a basic level, so I don't think I need to do much more than brush up on my german. Now I can happily say that the 5 years of studying German in High School has finally paid off.

On a separate front, a lot of things have also happened at work. In a way, I've also started thinking of life away from my current job and by the time I leave, I'll have been on the job for more than 4 years. I'm not one for being sentimental, but it would definitely be a sad parting, as I felt that we've gone through so much together as an organisation, and I myself have learnt things which I never imagined I'd learn so early on in my career. Oh well, I guess life goes on, and there is always a possibility of me returning in the future so I shouldn't really get too bogged down. In any case, I will always reserve a special place for all my colleagues who've stuck with us through thick and thin.

But, as they say the show must go on, and I am truly excited with moving to a new country and experiencing a new culture. Furthermore, it'd be great to get back to student life after 6 years of working, and have proper holidays (albeit short ones), where I can travel around Europe with my wife. And I think what I'm most excited with is making new friends, especially with people from all over the world and from all walks of life. I know that in Malaysia, we are a melting pot of cultures, and probably the same can be said of Australia, but from the stories i've heard, the INSEAD experience will be something else. I also look forward to being reunited with some friends who've moved to London (I'm sure they'll be keen to visit us at beautiful Fontainebleau - *hint* guys).

ok then.. I'll write more when I get the time to catch up. Thanks again to all of you for your well wishes, and to answer the question on the last comment - I would definitely try and go for the Wharton exchange. despite the ding, I really have no hard feelings..... really guys! :)


  • i do agree, the insead experience is truly international....although there are some dominant nationalities, no country dominates as in the US B Schools...i am sure it will be great fun..

    By Blogger Forrest Gump, at 12:45 AM  

  • Yups, INSEAD is a great school, and lovely too. However, if I could just ask you, have they started with any two-year program? I do not want to get into a short course.

    By Blogger chillpill, at 9:58 AM  

  • awesome...i hope to see you on the Wharton campus then...just give us a shout when you are there !
    ciao ciao

    By Blogger Ash, at 2:34 PM  

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