Gunner get my MBA

Thursday, September 29, 2005

A European Force?

Away win at last.. Yesterday we beat those kids from Amsterdam and now hopefully the Gunners will be a force in Europe. Last night stayed up to watch the Pool Chelski game and though it was interesting i fell asleep during half time. Lucky i did so as the game ended 0-0.

As I finish my MBA essays (for H & W), one thought suddenly struck me (and sent shivers down my spine) I don't know whether there will be live coverage of Premier League games in the US. Now don't ask me why but I never thought about this, as I've always had access to live games in Malaysia and Australia. I really hope there is some kind of coverage as I can't imagine not getting my regular fix on football (the real football, not the kind of sport where they throw the ball around and wear padding) . Anyways, I first have to get into B-school so I shouldn't count my chickens yet. At least the essays are done (except for a few changes to be done once i get feedback from trusted sources), and recos are on the way. Now I can just sit back, relax and just hope that there won't be any technical glitches whilst uploading the rest of the application. Can't wait to all this is over to find out whether I will get called for interview. I am also hoping that I wont have to apply to second round at other schools.. hehehe..sometimes i'm told that i'm way too optimistic and bordering on being foolish.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Update on applications

oh well - 1 out of 2 aint that bad. But to lose to Boro after 8 wins the last 9 times we played them was a huge letdown. Not to mention winning by the skin of our teeth against the supposed whipping boys of the Champions League FC Thun. Next game - Everton, with both teams desperately in need of a win. when oh when is Henry back, as we are clearly short of ideas without our "talisman" on the pitch.

On the application front, i'm done with all the essays except for the ethics one. It is so hard to think of what to write in this essay but I can't postpone doing it any longer. My goal is to finish it by Saturday and then start going over all the other essays again (which means i'll end up re-writing most of them. At the moment, i am also thinking of hedging my bets and applying to LBS in 1st round. Some have told me that i'll be a shoo-in there (being international and relatively high GMAT) but if that's the case then i would prefer to apply 2nd round only if i don't already get admitted to Wharton. at least can save on some $$$; oh decisions, decisions.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I'm back

almost a month since my last post. i've got to admit these essays are harder than expected. I've pretty much done the Wharton ones and about half way through Harvards. Need to pass to my recommenders by end of the week so they can begin on their recommendations. Also have to juggle work (which is busy as ever), and can't forget my social life right? I have to keep my sanity otherwise there's no point of doing my MBA. oh yeah this weekend is back to premier league after two weeks break from my beloved Arsenal (this is the part of the season i hate most coz i feel we were just getting excited about the new season and then they go and stick two international games in there)... oh well this week will be good as there's also Champions league. my prediction Gunners to win both games 2-0..